Vocation & Education Services

Meta House recognizes the significance that education and vocational ability have on self-sufficiency, financial freedom and self-esteem. Upon entering Meta House, 54% of clients had not completed high school or received a GED. The majority of clients read at an 8th grade level and 17% are functionally illiterate. Addiction and a lack of education usually leads to a scattered employment history. Due to social stigmas, it is very difficult for a person with a criminal record or a history of substance abuse to find employment.

The vocational/educational services at Meta House work to ensure that each of our clients has an increased sense of self-worth and sense of purpose; is less likely to relapse into active substance abuse, due to financial independence and sense of worth; and becomes a productive, contributing member of society.

Service Components

  • Case Management: includes vocational/educational case management and service plan development.
  • Assessments: upon entering treatment, initial vocational and educational assessments are provided, plus a job readiness assessment is given.
  • Training: weekly vocational/educational group that covers topics such as budgeting, resume writing, application writing, dressing for success, interviewing skills and stress management.
  • Support and Assistance: with W-2 TANF benefits, Social Security and Disability; Job retention support to ensure women maintain employment; Building relationships with businesses to find jobs for clients.
  • On-Site Literacy Center provides assistance with reading, writing, spelling and math skills, GED/HSED preparation, driver’s license written test preparation, computer training software, and Testing for Adult Basic Education (TABE).