Mental Health Services

Mental Health Services are often needed for women who are dependent on substances because they typically suffer from co-occurring mental health disorders (a mental health disorder diagnosis along with a substance use disorder diagnosis). Women who use or are dependent on substances are very likely to have a history of childhood and adult abuse and trauma, which sometimes results in mental health concerns. With a multi-disciplinary and experienced staff, Meta House is uniquely equipped to support such women.

At Meta House we treat the whole person and women who suffer from mental health disorders face an additional barrier to recovery. We ensure that women who suffer from a co-occurring mental health disorder receive appropriate diagnoses, support and treatment and are equipped with the tools to manage their disorders, which increases their likelihood of successful recovery. All staff are trained to understand the dynamics of mental health and substance use especially when there is a history of trauma and abuse.

Service Components

  • Professional Staff: Meta House is staffed with a psychiatrist who is also an addictionologist, Master’s level mental health staff, and consulting psychologists.
  • Trauma Treatment: a program specifically for women with substance use disorders.
  • Parenting Program for women with histories of childhood sexual abuse and other trauma.
  • Mental Health Assessments conducted by Wisconsin School of Psychiatry students.
  • Referral Services to connect women with additional support when necessary.