Our Services

Trauma Centered

Trauma and violence have a profound impact on a woman’s life and the life of her children. At Meta House, we provide treatment and care that addresses the effects of trauma and violence to help support her recovery from addiction and help her family heal.

Gender Responsive

The core mission at Meta House is to help women reclaim their lives from the effects of a substance use disorder. Meta House’s program was one of the first in the country developed specifically as a gender-responsive treatment for women. Historically, addiction treatment programs were developed for men and were far less effective in treating women. Substance use experiences are remarkably different for women than for men including the causes, consequences of use, physical effects, context of use and treatment experience. Read More…

Family-Centered Approach

Our family-centered approach allows women with children and pregnant women to receive treatment. Because of the expertise of the Meta House Child & Family Team, we can keep children safely with their mothers and out of the Child Welfare System. Child and family specialists teach parenting and nurturing skills through a variety of structured and unstructured settings including:

  • “Mom & Me” Nurturing Lab
  • Individualized Parenting Assessment and Plan
  • Specialized Classes and Coaching