Treatment Settings

Meta House offers three unique treatment settings to provide a continuum of care that meets the needs of women at distinct times in their journeys through the recovery process.

Residential Treatment

The residential setting is our most intensive program. Here, we offer personalized, comprehensive addiction treatment to 43 women at a time. The program includes three licensed Community Based Residential Facilities (CBRF), two on our main campus and one in the neighboring suburb of Shorewood. We are uniquely equipped to help the whole family heal by allowing women to bring their children along with them, who can also access services from our multi-disciplinary Child & Family team. 


Outpatient Treatment

Our outpatient treatment program meets clients where they are in recovery, meaning services are tailored to help each woman achieve her personal goals. Services include 1 on 1 and group therapy, peer support, education and vocational services, health education, nutrition, parenting and relapse prevention. Child care is available on-site.


Meta House Recovery Community

We offer a safe, family-friendly recovery community for women who are in need of a supportive and affordable place to live and are ready for independent living.



Eligibility requirements for admission to the Meta House Recovery Community include:

1) identifies as a woman;
2) is at least 18 years of age;
3) is not a sex offender;
4) has received a Substance Use Disorder diagnosis within the past year;
5) has obtained Bridge Housing funding;
6) has 45 consecutive days of documented (accepted documentation includes UA screens, letter of reference from professional or community support person) substance-free time (defined as time with no use of alcohol, marijuana or any illegal substance and no illicit use of prescribed or over-the-counter medications). If a lapse occurred after 45 days, individual must have 14 days consecutive substance-free time. 
7) is willing to engage in meaningful activities totaling 20 hours each week (contact staff for more information)
8) is willing to develop a support system outside of the program
9) is willing to refrain from smoking on Meta House campus (subject to discharge from the program)
10) is willing to follow all rules and procedures (contact staff for more information) 
11) participates in an in-person interview if coming from a program outside of Meta House