5 things to expect in your first 2 weeks of addiction treatment

When you come to Meta House for addiction treatment, you will engage in a recovery program designed to heal the whole person rather than addressing only the symptoms of addiction. With our focus on creating a positive, addiction-free life, your days will be filled with activities that are designed to help meet your individual recovery goals.

But you might be wondering what, exactly, to expect from addiction treatment during your first weeks at Meta House. Here is how we’ll start.


We have designed a structured treatment setting at Meta House. Each day consists of a balance of treatment services with time built in for self-reflection. From the time you wake up until the moment you settle in for a good night’s sleep, you will have access to a wide range of effective therapies.

As part of our structured treatment, you’ll dine together with your peers, wake up and retire to sleep at set times during the week. Weekends provide a little more flexibility, while still within the confines of our safe, evidence-based structure.

Personalized treatment plans 

At Meta House, you can expect a you-centered approach to the recovery journey. We collaborate with you, determine what you want to accomplish and, together, build a plan to help you meet those goals. For nearly all of our clients, personalized treatment plans include individual therapy and a healthy mix of group therapies.

Our main focus is to help you heal psychologically, physically and spiritually from your addiction in a way that best fits you. 

Variety of therapies

Led by our experienced and dedicated staff, our programming features an array of therapeutic activities to ensure you have a well-rounded treatment experience.

On a regular weekday, you’ll engage in a combination of individual therapy, group therapy and experiential therapy like art therapy or yoga. We also set aside time for quiet reflection or meditation to help process your recovery experiences.

Compassionate, experienced team

Your care is entrusted to a team of passionate, licensed and credentialed treatment professionals using research-based best practices. Each member of our team has been specially-trained to address addiction, mental health concerns and trauma.

Hard work

Last but not least, you should expect that your journey to recovery includes some hard work. You will likely experience emotions you may have kept inside for a long time. There is no direct line in recovery from point A to point B.

But, as you begin building this strong foundation for lifelong health, wellness and recovery, you can also rest assured that you won’t be in this alone.