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Posted May 4, 2015

From Today’s TMJ 4 | The Morning Blend:

A New Facility to Treat Addiction

For 50+ years, Meta House has ended the generational cycle of addiction by healing women and strengthening families. The stories are different, but the message is the same – recovery is possible. Shorewood House is a division of Meta House that will provide women and their families with the same effective treatment philosophies currently available at Meta House’s main Riverwest campus. Clients at Shorewood House will receive holistic services including individual counseling, group therapy, trauma counseling, art therapy, behavioral therapy and other experiential therapies. It will be priced at roughly half the cost of many existing residential treatment programs. We are joined by Amy Lindner from Meta House to discuss all the great work being done and what can be expected at Shorewood House.

For more information, visit or or call (414) 977-5890.

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Meta House Announces New Drug & Alcohol Treatment Program in Shorewood

Meta House announces new drug and alcohol treatment program

Shorewood facility will be a residential treatment program for women

May 1, 2015

A new drug and alcohol residential treatment facility for women will open in Shorewood, Wis., on June 22, Meta House announced today. Shorewood House will be a division of Meta House, a women’s treatment organization in Milwaukee since 1963.

“We know that drug and alcohol addiction affects women from every walk of life,” said Amy Lindner, president and CEO of Meta House. “But many women fall through the cracks when attempting to get treatment. Most private health insurance plans don’t cover residential treatment, which can cost upwards of $30,000 per month. And a woman with private insurance may not have access to the free programs offered to low-income clients. Shorewood House will fill that gap with a clinically-sound, comfortable residential treatment setting at a mid-range price point.”

Shorewood House will provide women and their families with the same effective treatment philosophies currently available at Meta House’s main Riverwest campus. Clients at Shorewood House will receive holistic services including individual counseling, group therapy, trauma counseling, art therapy, behavioral therapy and other experiential therapies. It will be priced at roughly half the cost of many existing residential treatment programs.

Drug abuse on the rise in Wisconsin

The need for more treatment options has never been greater. According to the Wisconsin Department of Health Services, in 2014, the rate of binge drinking among Wisconsin women of childbearing age was the highest in the nation. The same study found that Wisconsin’s rate of drug-related deaths nearly doubled from 2004 to 2012, with opiate-related overdoses the most frequent cause. Based on the most recent data available from the National Survey on Drug Use and Health (NSDUH, 2014), an estimated 18,657 women in Milwaukee alone are struggling with drug and alcohol addiction.

Increasing treatment options, new revenue stream

Shorewood House will increase access to treatment for many women and families while it also creates a financially sustainable revenue stream for the organization, thus improving availability of all Meta House programs.

“It’s no secret that organizations like us have seen government funding decline sharply,” says Lindner. “While this support is still critical, we knew that along with our generous donors, we needed a new way to support the vulnerable women and children we already serve. Shorewood House fulfills two incredibly important goals — extending treatment to more women who need it, and helping ensure Meta House’s continued care for all the clients we serve.”

About Meta House

Meta House has been a leader in drug and alcohol treatment for women for more than fifty years. It was one of the first programs in the country to offer treatment designed only for women, and its success rates far exceed averages for other residential drug and alcohol treatment programs. Recent data shows that 86 percent of mothers who participated in residential treatment at Meta House were maintaining their abstinence from alcohol and illegal drugs six months after admission.

While alcohol and other drug use treatment is the cornerstone of its program, Meta House also offers trauma counseling, parenting, vocational and educational services to clients and a host of services to the children of Meta House clients. The agency offers residential, outpatient and transitional housing services. For more information, visit or call 414-962-1200. For more information on Shorewood House,, call 414-977-5890 or


Meta House Professional Looks Day a Success

Meta House Professional Looks Salon Day
Learning to Look and Feel Their Professional Best

From Meta House Career Specialist, Dawn Baldwin:

The Meta House Career Specialist, Dawn Baldwin, teamed up with Bottomless Closet’s Jeri Kavenaugh, Regency Beauty Institute’s Nancy L. Belau, and Robyn Vining Photographers with Help Portrait Milwaukee in January to provide a Professional Looks Salon Day for Meta House clients who are transitioning into the career world.  Some are returning to the career world, others are starting from scratch in their job readiness.  Many of the clients involved have never had the opportunity to walk into a salon.  It was an emotional day filled with excitement and tears.  All were grateful to have a day that they could relax and feel good about themselves.

Throughout the month of January, Meta House clients who are working on career transitions were given information about interviewing and dressing for success.  Clients were transported to Bottomless Closet, where they were allowed to shop for two full outfits that allow them to be career-ready.  Jeri Kavenaugh, who manages the Bottomless Closet, gave a workshop to the clients on how to pick out interview appropriate clothing.

On January 27, Regency Beauty Institute, with the help of Nancy L. Belau, allowed those clients to come in for career make-overs.  Robyn Vining Photography set up at the salon to take headshots and glamour photos of the women after their make-overs.  Clients wore their new career clothing from the Bottomless Closet.  Jersey Mikes, which is stationed next door to Regency Beauty Institute in Greenfield, provided free lunches for the event.

Meta House clients want to thank these institutions for helping them and giving them such an amazing experience.  Photos from this day will be used to create professional social media accounts and resumes with the clients.

2nd Annual Jan Rhodes Scholarship Application is Now Open!

The Jan Rhodes Scholarship is an opportunity for Meta House to recognize one client or graduate each calendar year who has made significant progress toward achieving economic self-sufficiency. Both academic achievements and/or recent employment would make a woman eligible for the Jan Rhodes Scholarship.

Who is eligible to apply? Current clients and women who have graduated within the past two years are eligible to apply. Applicants must currently be enrolled in school, be actively participating in classes to obtain a GED or have accepted a job offer / started a new job within the past three months.

One Jan Rhodes Scholar will be chosen each year. The winner will receive $250 toward qualifying educational expenses (like tuition or books) or in the form of a gift certificate to purchase work attire.

This application is due to Dawn Baldwin by Friday, March 27, 2015.

The scholarship was created in honor of Jan Rhodes, who dedicated 20 years of her life to volunteering and Board Service on behalf of the women and children served at Meta House.

Please click this link to download the fillable application form:  Jan Rhodes Scholarship Application.

If you have questions or would like to submit electronically, please contact Dawn Baldwin at (414) 977-5811 or email

Consumer Peer Program Enhances Client Experience

Meta House is grateful to receive support from the Greater Milwaukee Foundation (GMF) for our Consumer Peer Specialist program. Determined to be a best practice based on outcomes from a three-year pilot project, Families Come First, Consumer Peer Specialists are integral members of a woman’s treatment team.

As self-identified former users of Alcohol and Other Drug Abuse, mental health or co-occurring services, Consumer Peers can uniquely relate to current program participants by sharing their own experiences and providing encouragement and inspiration. Personal experiences are fortified through formal training as a Wisconsin State Certified Peer Specialist.

Consumer Peers engage clients during intake and entrance into residential treatment. They help clients understand information and procedures and provide assurance to women and mothers that they will be treated with dignity and respect. They provide mentoring to help clients make healthy decisions and offer support and motivation to meet recovery goals, encouraging perseverance through residential treatment and continuation onto the outpatient program. In addition to supporting engagement in treatment, Consumer Peers act as advocates for client needs and interests, provide transportation and accompany clients to appointments.

Their companionship promotes stability, independence and confidence. By providing empathetic support and modeling successful recovery, Consumer Peers increase retention and engagement by women in Meta House’s treatment program. Research shows that the longer a woman stays in treatment, the greater her chances of maintaining long-term sobriety. Consumer Peers empower clients to get the treatment they need to attain long-lasting, successful recovery from substance abuse disorders.

Four Consumer Peers have been working in both the Residential and Outpatient programs to engage and support clients in their treatment. New this year are two Consumer Peer-led groups – a play group in the residential program and a group for participants in the Family Drug Treatment Court.

Clients have responded positively to the bond they develop with their Consumer Peer, making the program incredibly valuable for giving women the support they need to succeed in treatment and thrive in early recovery.







Twice as many chefs at the next Food for Thought dinner, in a format that lets diners roam

From: JSOnline, MKE Diner blog
By: Carol Deptolla

It’s a chance to taste food that holds meaning for those who prepared it and to raise funds for charity at the same time. Thirteen Milwaukee chefs will join forces for the next Food for Thought dinner, on Feb. 23 at Anodyne Coffee Roasting Co., to benefit Meta House.

In a format that departs from the usual dinner, guests will visit the chefs at stations, where each will present a small plate that represents a pivotal moment in his or her life. In the past, diners were seated for up to six courses by six chefs at Food for Thought dinners.

“Every single dish that will be on display has a deep-rooted feeling,” said Thi Cao, a founder of the chefs group. The menu will be announced closer to the date of the dinner.

Taking part in the February event are chefs Thomas Hauck of c.1880, Justin Carlisle of Ardent, Dan Jacobs of Odd Duck, Gregory León of Amilinda, Andrew Miller of Salotto Zarletti, Cole Ersel of Wolf Peach, Zachary Espinosa of Harbor House, Jan Kelly of Meritage, Joe Muench of Maxie’s, Blue’s Egg and Story Hill BKC, Gil Petrovic of Engine Company No. 3, Thi Cao of Buckley’s, Nell Benton of the National and Justice Neal of Blue Jacket.

The event, “Cooking From the Heart,” is $80; drinks are separate. Tickets are available online. The dinner begins at 6 p.m. at Anodyne in its large Walker’s Point cafe and roastery, 224 W. Bruce St.

Meta House helps women end their addictions, and aids them with parenting, work and schooling; Food for Thought is a collective of chefs holding regularly scheduled fundraising dinners for charities.

Full article available here:

Meta Housing Gets a New Roof In-Kind

From National Roofing Partners:

NRP Gives Back

Khary Penebaker, President of a National Roofing Partners affiliated commercial roofing company, Roofed Right America LLC, in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, sat with company CEO Ricardo Herrera as he blinked back tears, turning his face away from his tablemates. Meta House’s annual breakfast featured graduates of the substance abuse treatment program who shared their testimonials. Their stories took on the drumbeat cadence of barely functioning, hitting bottom, navigating despair, then, finally, the stirrings of hope as a Meta House apartment – redemption – opened up. The best part? The women got to bring their children to live with them.

As the morning went on, Penebaker and his colleagues grasped the full scope of the drug and alcohol crisis crippling so many families in their community. Following a touching video testimonial by a Meta House graduate and family member of one of Penebaker’s partners, they choked up.

“We all just looked at each other, like, ‘We have got to be better stewards in our community.’ It’s one thing to be altruistic and treat employees well, but that’s internal,” says Penebaker.

When they could bring themselves to speak they made a decision: they would reroof this amazing place. Forget the discounted estimate they had recently written up. Now they were here, witnessing Meta House in action. The roof would be their gift.

National Roofing Partners Gives Back

A few months ago NRP asked its membership of commercial roofing companies to share their stories of corporate giving with promises that one company would win top billing on the NRP blog with its charity of choice.

Dale Tyler, NRP President, admires companies that support their communities. Tyler realized, long ago, that giving is contagious and affirming.

“It was heartwarming to read the entries to our contest and to witness the generosity and acts of kindness going on behind the scenes at so many of our network companies. Everyone in this industry knows it is such a warm, family-oriented one. But from the outside, sometimes I think people only see the fruits of our labor, not the fruits of our spirits,” says Tyler, whose network of roofing partners spans the nation and offers a single point of contact for corporate clients in need of leak detection, building envelope sealing, roof repair or maintenance, lightweight concrete, or general portfolio maintenance.

Meta House Receives A New Roof

“Khary and his partners freed up tens of thousands of dollars to better serve these families. Their generous donation has made such a difference to the women and children we serve,” says Amy Lindner, President and CEO of Meta House. She praises the roofing company and crew for investing in the women and children who will live in the facility so much more comfortably now. She describes Meta House as “a safe harbor where women can rest, recover and get their lives together” without the pressure of traditional household stressors

Penebaker and his partners attended the breakfast in May and began the reroofing job in June.

“We came back to work and told the crew we needed them to work this one weekend. No one asked for overtime. Not a single person said no, which was awesome. They just said okay, they came in, and they did a great job,” says Penebaker with a smile.

The Roofed Right America LLC  team took on the substantial project, which fell at the peak of the summer season. The photographs here feature the Meta House’s reroofing. It was a complete tear off requiring sheet metal installation, pushing the job to last four days. The manufacturer, John Manville, generously donated the membrane.

Support Meta House

Lindner describes Meta House as a holistic substance abuse treatment program for women with a special focus on ending the intergenerational cycle of addiction. The agency offers inpatient residential services, outpatient treatment and transitional housing, complete with 27 apartment units for women and their families. The new roof was installed on the largest of the transitional housing buildings, home to 11 individual apartment units. Clients typically reside in Meta Housing between one and two years with their families while they work to build a life in recovery and become economically self-sufficient. While at Meta Housing, women work to complete GEDs, enroll in job training programs, take parenting classes, and complete substance abuse treatment.

Felicia, a Meta House resident, describes Meta House’s impact this way, “(Transitional) Housing gives my family stability, structure and safety. It makes putting recovery to work in the real world a reality, but it gives me a chance to continue working on my parenting… and (I can) figure out next steps like employment. Meta House saved my life and my daughters’ lives. They’ve shown me that a new life is possible. We now have a healthy, joyous life, free from the power of addiction.”

Donations can be made at

For inspiration, resources and more information about Meta House, click here.

Meta House Board of Directors Honored by Nonprofit Center of Milwaukee

Meta House Board of Directors Honored by Nonprofit Center of Milwaukee

The Meta House Board of Directors was honored December 4, 2015 with the Nonprofit Excellence Award for Board Governance.

The “Spirit of the Nonprofit Sector” event, which in 2014 celebrated its 20th anniversary, drew hundreds Milwaukee’s most prominent nonprofit leaders. The awards celebration highlighted innovation and exceptional organizational performance in five categories: Board Governance (Meta House); Collaboration (Habitat for Humanity of Waukesha County); Community Organizing (League of Women Voters of Milwaukee County); Diversity (Sixteenth Street Community Health Centers); and Fiscal Integrity (SaintA).

Brent Tischler, Meta House Board Chair, noted in his acceptance remarks that, “this recognition gives us the chance to celebrate the accomplishments Meta House has made thus far, but it also comes with great responsibility to continue this vital work.” Meta House President and CEO Amy Lindner said of the Board, “I’m so grateful to have the opportunity to work with our Board; they are immensely committed to delivering the promise that recovery is possible to so many women and families in our community.”


The Nonprofit Center of Milwaukee advocates for and advances the mission of nonprofit organizations in the greater Milwaukee region.