Campaign for a Sustainable Future

An Executive Summary

launched January 2015

An Urgent Problem

An estimated 30,000 women in Milwaukee are struggling with addiction – 30,000 women and families whose lives would be transformed if they could be a part of Meta House programs. But there are serious obstacles to Meta House helping these families in need, including a changing funding landscape in which government grant opportunities have declined.

The Solution: Meta House Campaign for a Sustainable Future

To overcome the current challenges and deepen our impact for our community, we launched in January 2015 The Campaign for a Sustainable Future. This forward-thinking, $2.4 million campaign will address our immediate, urgent needs while simultaneously creating a sustainable, long-term solution. The campaign has three distinct components:

  • $624,000 | Address urgent capital needs across the agency’s seven main campus buildings, making sure that local women and children stay safe, warm and dry as they work hard to change their lives.
  • $1,126,000 | Protect crucial and effective programming for which government support has been eliminated.
  • $650,000 | Create a sustainable solution in Shorewood House, our private-pay program that launched in July 2015. Once fully realized, income from Shorewood House will help sustain services for local families for years to come.

We Need Your Help

We are thrilled and grateful to announce that early donors have already given over $1.8 million toward the $2.4 million need.

We’re more than 77% of the way there, but the final $550,000 is critical. With your generosity, our community can overcome the profound challenges we face, and help more women and families transform their lives.


Please take a look at campaign Naming Opportunities and our plans for a beautiful Wall of Inspiration (here’s a more detailed view) in recognition of top campaign donors.


For more information or to learn how you can get involved, please contact Carryn Sami, Development Director, at (414) 977-5802 or