Meta House’s program outcomes demonstrate its commitment and accountability to the community. This includes its investment in a comprehensive evaluation infrastructure.  The organization has four full-time staff positions that are dedicated solely to program evaluation. To assure integrity of results, Meta House contracts with IMPACT Planning & Evaluation as an external evaluation consultant.

Program Results and Outcomes

  • In 2015, Meta House served 424 women and 242 children
  • 109 of the women served were pregnant or had a baby under the age of one
  • Before admission to Meta House, 84% of the women reported having experienced abuse


Average length of stay in Residential
Meta House: 102 days (2009 National average 59 days)
*Excludes clients who stayed less than two weeks


Average length of stay in Outpatient
Meta House: 128 days (2014 State of Wisconsin average: 124 days)
*Excludes clients who stayed less than two weeks

At Discharge from Residential Treatment

  • 100% of the women who had children involved with the Child Welfare system increased their parental role or involvement with at least one of their children
  • 100% of the women who participated in parent-child relational therapy showed improvement in their interaction with their children
  • 96% of women who smoked reduced their tobacco use or quit smoking (*Meta House is a smoke-free campus. Programming at Meta House includes smoking cessation therapy.)
  • 93% of the women were abstinent from or reduced their drug and alcohol use between admission and discharge

Cost Savings to the Community

To view our cost savings infographic, please click here.