About Meta House

Meta House ends the generational cycle of addiction by healing women and strengthening families.

We are a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization.

Meta House has been blazing new trails in women’s drug and alcohol addiction treatment since our doors opened in 1963. The agency is noted as one of the first residential treatment facilities in the country designed specifically for women. In 1988, Meta House became one of the first treatment centers to allow women to bring their children to live with them in residential treatment and receive supportive services simultaneously. 

Programs offered at Meta House include:

  • inpatient residential treatment;
  • a tiered outpatient program; and
  • Meta Sober Living Community

At all levels of care, Meta House provides an array of services that help participants address all of the issues they face as women and mothers. In addition to drug and alcohol addiction treatment, Meta House provides parenting education and hands-on coaching; prevention and intervention services for the children of the mothers we serve and services to address income, employability, basic skills of daily living, mental and physical health and trauma resolution.

This holistic approach ensures that as mom gets well, her entire family has the tools to successfully adapt to a life in recovery.

Meta House is an equal opportunity provider and employer.

Reference Documents

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  • To view our official tax exemption form, please click here.

About Our Work

Women and Children

families in drug and alcohol addiction treatment at Meta House

Because women who are involved with their children during treatment tend to be more successful, Meta House was one of the first treatment centers in the country to allow children to stay with their mothers in a residential drug and alcohol addiction treatment setting.

In our Residential Treatment Program, children up to 10-years-old can reside with their mothers. Meta Housing, our transitional living community allows children up to 18-years-old stay with their mothers. Meta House’s Outpatient Treatment Program provides services and child care to our clients’ children.

Mental Health Disorders

mental health disorders and drug and alcohol addiction treatment

Women who are dependent on substances typically suffer from co-occurring substance use disorders and independent mental health disorders (a mental health disorder diagnosis along with a substance use disorder diagnosis).

Alcohol and drugs can make any existing mental health symptom worse. Individuals with mental health disorders often face misdiagnosis and cannot access appropriate support and treatment. Meta House is uniquely equipped to support women with mental health disorders.

Social Stigma

stigma for women struggling with drug and alcohol addiction

Women battling addiction to alcohol or other drugs typically face enormous challenges (i.e. poverty, lack of education, homelessness, mental health disorders and difficulty with parenting) which are confounded by the social stigma and discrimination attached to substance addiction, especially maternal substance use.

They internalize this stigma and tend to experience self-loathing. At Meta House, we treat everyone with respect and are dedicated to reducing the social stigma of women who are addicted to substances through advocacy and education.

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